Welcome to ANDRO, A high deflationary defi token build on the Binance Smart Chain.

ANDRO aims at becoming a highly usable token.

What is Andromeda?

Think of Andromeda as a fair universal currency for the people. Everything it is not a meme currency like Doge, Shiba. This is areal project that will be constantly evolving And that begins with undoing the damage done by scammers,schemers and bad actors. You may have some questions.

Where can i get Andromeda?

The Pancakeswap link is here The Contract address is :0xfAEB60be4F3B47a62Aa4f96584d02CD24D68866D

How many tokens we have?

The 10,00,000 were created.

What is ANDRO coin?

We truly believe ANDRO token is an extremely unique community. It’s unique only because of the extraordinary people turning our ideas into reality.

Are you on Ethereum Blockchain?

No. We are not on Ethereum Blockchain. We are not related to them. We are only on Binance Smart Chain(Pancakeswap).

How to Buy $ANDRO ?

1.Create a MetaMask Wallet

ANDRO token is available on Binance Smart Chain. MetaMask is the market leader on Bep20(bsc) Wallets. Get MetaMask's app for iphone or android.

2.Send $BNB to MetaMask

Buy $BNB from Binance Exchange and Transfer to your BSC wallet.

3.Swap BNB for ANDRO

You can start swapping as you have BNB available! Press 'Select a token' and enter the token address or search for it on the tokens list.

ANDRO Contract Address :0xfAEB60be4F3B47a62Aa4f96584d02CD24D68866D

Total ANDRO Supply : 1,000,000

Circulating Supply : 700,000


  • Website launch

  • 2500+ Holders

  • Marketing campaign


  • New Website

  • 10000+ Holders

  • Coingecko Listing

  • CoinMarketCap Listing

  • Listing on top more Exchanges